About Us

My name is Michael Kemp and live in Concord with my wife and two children. I consider myself a family man and enjoy watching my children grow. Playing sports my whole life has made me a competitive person and when I start something I am all in.

During the summers as a teenager I worked as a laborer  for a large roofing company working tirelessly to gain knowledge and learned from my peers as to best practices and quality installation. At 17 I started working for Southern Wholesale, a "Mom and Pop" store in Greenwood SC, and warehoused, delivered and sold building products. It was here where I started building relationships and 5 years later I was given the opportunity to relocate to Greenville SC and open up another location.

I helped manage the business and was very involved in all aspects from inside sales to installs, services to operations and collections. I was trained by the best in the industry to whom this day consider mentors and friends.  In 2006,  Alside, one of the largest building product manufacturers in the country, purchased the Greenville, SC store.   I continued my career with Alside for 6 years learning and educating myself in all facets of the homes "shell".

In 2010 I was promoted to the Installation Manager in Charlotte, NC where I was involved in managing many North Carolina businesses by providing training and educating to applicators so that the highest of quality installation practices where provided. Personally being involved with training and pursuing the best installers in Charlotte, I have concluded who the best are and who the weakest are.  Having over 20 years of experience in this industry is what I bring to the table each and every day and am very proud of what I have accomplished over my career and have built long lasting relationships with the best installers and applicators  of building products in the country.

I love what I do and want to share my wealth of knowledge and professionalism with you and help transform your home into something you and I can be proud of. I want to make a lasting impression on you and your family with no funny business.